Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The JOY children bring to the Holidays!

I don't have the best way of expressing myself, but here I go.  My sweet girls have discovered the JOY of Christmas.  Everyday they become more and more excited about Christmas.  The best part is, is that it does not take much to bring the biggest smile to their faces.  Jingle (our elf) moves around at verious times throughout the day, sometimes making their bed, brushing his teeth, eating a bowl of cereal or taking a shower.  They LOVE it.  Since growing up and moving out, Christmas has not been that magical anymore.  Bless my kids souls, because I feel that magic all over again. 
  The other night I was talking with Carolina about the story of Jesus birth.  We thought she wouldn't fully understand, but she did, and she loved it.  Never mind that she wanted me to talk about the cow and the sheep too, but none the less, it was a success.
   I love that when the girls are fighting or not listening to me that I can threaten calling santa, or saying the elf is watching, to get them to behave.  I feel truly blessed to have them in my life.  Here are some pictures thus far from the holidays!

Carolina had no fear!  She told Santa she wants a Christmas outfit.  That is a skirt and sweater and a hat. (Great!  The one year Santa didn't get clothes!)

Amelia was a little terrified of Santa, but not enough to cry! Baby steps!

Carolina got this santa beard/ whistle at school, and man did she love it.

Michael is obsessed with the lights!

Thank you Pottery Barn kids!


  1. They are so darn cute, Eliza! I love your stockings and agree that kids bring back the magic. Hope we see you soon.

    1. Thanks Ali! I think we will for sure see you January 1st but hopefully we can see you guys sooner!

  2. I didn't know you had this blog! I love the protective gate around the tree!!!